Having your music Mixed and Mastered by a professional mixing engineer and mastering engineer is the first and most important step needed to succeed in the music industry. Whether recorded in your home studio or pro recording studio, a Professionally Mixed & Mastered recording will make sure your song sounds its absolute best and has the potential to become the next big hit. 

What Is Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing and mastering music are two separate processes but are equally important in the audio production process. In a basic sense, mixing is the first step, which involves the mix engineer combining and editing individual audio tracks together from your DAW to form a single stereo audio file. During the mixing process, your recorded audio tracks are mixed using EQ, Compression, and adding effects such as reverb and delay, while balancing their volume, frequencies, dynamics and spatial placement. Think of combining ingredients to make the perfect pie.

After the mixing has been complete and the mixdown is created, the stereo file is then mastered, which is the process of ensuring that the song is clearly polished, while making the mix sound big, wide, strong and loud. During the process its also made sure that your song sounds its absolute best when played across all audio devices. If Mastering an album, it’s made sure that the songs are played at the same level providing a sense of flow between the songs. No song should ever be released without professional Mastering.


Take your song from rough mix to clean, punchy, clear, wide, emotional and effective with our mixing service (Mastering included).



The final EQing, widening and thickening of the mix so your song can be as loud and as competitive with music you hear on the radio. Upgrade to stem mastering if you really want us to dial in that sound.

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” Having your music Mixed and Mastered at a recording studio can be inconvenient due to availability, travel and high rates. Online Mixing and Mastering is the future. Using both digital and analog outboard gear, I am able to deliver industry quality results, 24/7 customer service and the easiest experience around for the best pricing guaranteed! “


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