Its time to get serious about your music.

If you want to be taken serious you need to be professional. And nothing says Professional like a quality professional Mixed & Mastered recording. Record Labels and A&R’s love to see this, It shows that you care about your craft and you do things the right way to succeed. 
A Professionally Mixed & Mastered recording will make sure you will be able to compete and stand out aginst all popular music on today’s radio. Everything from clarity to loudness. You will also have better chances of DJ’s wanting to play your record along with the newest hits.
Its simple. You look professional, you are competing with famous artists and your mix sounds amazing. 

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mixing and mastering service

Mixing and Mastering

You can experience online mixing and mastering like working in the studio with IMIXMASTER . Every detail of your vision you provide to the engineer will contribute during the mixing process. When it’s time for revisions, we can broadcast your session audio to you live to get them done quickly! First-time buyers get a money-back guarantee on their first song or service! The whole project, from mixing to stemming, will be done the right way and you will receive exactly what you need in the end. Every mix we do gets the same quality effort as the one before.


Just Mastering

If this is your first time getting a song mixed or mastered, then you may have some questions as to what is going on when a studio or engineer says your track will be mastered. During the mastering process, the tracks are polished off as a whole for a finished product. An engineer can cancel out unwanted noise build up or unwanted frequencies that were difficult to tame in the mix; this can be cleaned up by knowing what to look for and what tools to use. Mastering can expand the width or size of the stereo image. Precise ears can expand the mix and balance a song to sound great across the many different types of speakers people will play your audio through. And the final step, loudness. Making your song loud enough to compete with music you hear on the radio is also one of our priorities within Mastering.